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Fire Sprinkler Frequently Asked Questions

Fire sprinklers are a critical part of any complete fire system. If your sprinklers don’t work correctly when they need to, lives could be lost. Many people have questions about fire sprinklers, and this article is here to answer them.

Can You Paint Sprinkler Heads?


If you paint over your sprinkler heads, the paint will cover the sprinkler, which prevents the sprinkler from detecting a fire and activating. The paint can also cause the water to disperse incorrectly, causing that sprinkler to be ineffective in suppressing a fire in its vicinity.

Can Fire Sprinklers Freeze Up?

If you install a wet fire sprinkler system in a freezing environment, the water in those pipes will freeze up and damage your entire system. In a freezing climate, invest in a dry sprinkler system, so water won’t be stored in the pipes while the system is inactive.

Can Fire Sprinklers Prevent Smoke Inhalation Deaths?

Sprinkler systems wash away larger particles out of the smoke, which drops its toxicity by a considerable amount.

With a properly functioning fire suppression system, a fire should never get to this point. Modern fire systems detect fires while they’re still small. A fire sprinkler system should douse the fire before it has a chance to produce harmful levels of smoke.

How Often Should I Conduct an Inspection on My Sprinkler System?

It would be best to hire a fire prevention professional to thoroughly inspect your sprinkler system at least once every three months. You should also hold a fire inspection any time there is a change in a building or office space’s environment (such as a remodel.)

Can I Install a Fire Sprinkler System Myself?

Unless you are a trained fire protection professional, you should never install a fire protection system yourself. Hire a professional installer to make sure the system gets appropriately installed, complies with the fire ordinances, and works when it needs to work.

If you’re looking to install a fire sprinkler system, contact us today. We will help you identify and install the best fire protection system for your building.