Fire Alarm Systems

Install a Fire Alarm System In a Commercial Building In Las Vegas

If you own a commercial property, then you must protect the building along with your clients and employees when a fire occurs. Not only do you need to worry about the flames from a fire, but also, most deaths from fires occur from the smoke. In many geographic regions, having a fire alarm system is required to conform to local safety regulations. At Signal Fire Inc., in Las Vegas, our technicians understand the laws concerning having the proper fire alarm systems in different types of commercial buildings.

Include the Autocall System On Your Commercial Fire Alarm

When you are managing a business, you already have a lot of things to think about each day, so by contacting a specialized fire alarm system company, you can delegate one task to someone else. Signal Fire has technicians who will visit your business to determine what type of fire alarm system is best for your property. We can help you install a new fire alarm system, or we can help you upgrade a current fire alarm system so that you are compliant. With our fire alarm systems, you can use the Autocall system that originated in the early 1900s in Shelby, Ohio. Today, the Autocall fire detection and notification system has been modernized to notify local fire stations immediately when there is smoke or heat in a building.

We Test Fire Alarm Systems

After the installation of a fire alarm system, our technicians can return to a commercial building on a routine basis to test the devices. With our high-quality fire alarm systems, your business is compliant with local government regulations, your insurance companies and other regulatory organizations. More importantly, having fire alarm systems can protect your employees and customers along with preventing additional damage to a building or its contents.

Fire Alarm System Features

Signal Fire has fire alarm systems with a variety of features, including:

• Automated notification devices through Autocall to contact fire stations
• Loud alarms to notify the occupants of a commercial building
• Bright lights to help the occupants of a building find emergency exits
• Fire sprinkler systems that emit water or chemicals to douse a fire
• Fire alarm systems that are powered by electricity or batteries
• Heat or smoke sensors
• Deactivation of natural gas or other types of fuel lines

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