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While CCTV systems are great for keeping your business more secure, you also want to keep these tips in mind when installing them. Ignoring these tips could lead to vulnerabilities in your CCTV system.

Do These Steps to Maximize Your CCTV System’s Effectiveness.

Install cameras out of reach of anyone with a ladder.

Mount your cameras high up on walls and on roofs to provide maximum view coverage and keep criminals from tampering with your equipment.

Make sure people can see your cameras, even when they’re not standing on your property. This high-profile approach to your camera placement will allow you to use your CCTV system as a deterrent to would-be thieves.

Install infrared (or low lux) cameras to monitor poorly lit areas.

Infrared cameras work best for monitoring low-light areas. If you get an infrared camera, grab one with multiple LEDs to further improve the image you can get in a dark area.

Get cameras that can resist the elements.

Any camera you place outside will need to be able to withstand the elements. A quick way to see how well the cameras you’re looking to buy will survive in inclement weather is to look for an “ingress protection number” to rate its weather resilience. Get an outdoor camera with an IP code of at least 55.

Avoid These CCTV Installation Mistakes.

Don’t leave exposed wires.

Never leave exposed wires coming into or going out of your camera. If a bad actor wants to gain access to your property and see one of these wires, all they need to do is cut it, and your camera is now useless.

Don’t leave any doors or windows without proper coverage.

Make sure all possible entrance points, including windows, are covered with your cameras.

Don’t go through a CCTV system without a professional installer.

If you don’t have experience doing the same work that electricians and hardware technicians do every day, bring someone who does, like a professional CCTV installer. Bring one along to help you with any parts you may not be familiar with.

Installing a CCTV system for your business building is not a DIY job. Knowing these do’s and don’ts of installing a CCTV system won’t make you an expert, but you will know how to designate best which cameras to purchase, where to install them, and how to keep each camera safe from tampering. Go over this post to make sure to help you keep your CCTV system safe, secure, and operational for as long as you’re in business.