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What Makes a Complete Safety and Security System for Your Business?

Every system you install in your building serves to protect it and the lives of the people that work inside it. However, to be most effective, you will want to install every piece of this system to ensure there are no gaps or vulnerabilities in your safety and security system. This article will cover each…

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Wet Sprinklers Vs. Dry Sprinklers: Which Are Best For Your Building?

Many types of fire sprinkler systems exist on the market, but the two most popular variants are the wet and dry sprinkler systems. Both types of sprinkler systems extinguish fires, and they both use water to do it. However, they use different means to reach that end. We’ll go over the key differences of each…

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5 Reasons to Conduct a Fire Inspection

Faire and Safety Inspectors

Installing a fire suppression system in your building doesn’t guarantee that it will work when you need it. To ensure you can keep the occupants in your building safe when a fire breaks out, you need to inspect and service your fire system regularly. Below is a list of why you want to want to…

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Which Fire Suppression Agents Are Best For Your Business Needs?

When you are looking for the best fire suppression system for your business, you have a large number of systems at your disposal. Most agents are entirely safe to use in populated areas, they won’t damage your electronic equipment, and they don’t dump residue all over your workspace. However, not all of these agents check…

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Do’s and Don’ts of Getting a Closed Circuit Security System Installed

While CCTV systems are great for keeping your business more secure, you also want to keep these tips in mind when installing them. Ignoring these tips could lead to vulnerabilities in your CCTV system. Do These Steps to Maximize Your CCTV System’s Effectiveness. Install cameras out of reach of anyone with a ladder. Mount your…

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Components of a Closed Circuit Security System

When installing a security camera system, having a professional install it for you is highly recommended. However, knowing the system’s components and purchasing the right equipment for your business is something you can do to make your security system more effective when you get it operational. Camera Your cameras are the eyes of your system…

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Benefits of Installing a Closed Circuit Security System

Criminals will eventually target your business for burglary, vandalism, or other crime that could leave you open to data breaches, destruction of property, and possible damage to reputation. Installing a CCTV system comes with a host of benefits for you, your employees, and your business. Here are some advantages that you can get from installing…

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What Types of Fire Alarms Exist?

Commercial Alarm Systems

Whether you are upgrading your fire alarms in your building or installing new ones, it’s critical to know the different fire alarm system types available. Below are the different fire alarms available for your commercial building. What Kinds of Fire Alarms Are There? There are three kinds of fire alarms: conventional alarms and addressable fire…

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What is a Pre-Action Sprinker System and Do You Need One?

You feel like you’re walking into a natural disaster movie. As you look around, you see the aftermath of a false alarm. Your sprinkler system went off when there was no threat, and now all of your electronics are fried. You wanted to save money on a sprinkler system, but that decision ended up costing…

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